Interior Design Ideas | How to hide your JUNK!

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50 thoughts on “Interior Design Ideas | How to hide your JUNK!

  1. Love the idea of baskets on a large bookshelf. I actually did that a few years ago in my bedroom. This house has the smallest bedroom closets of anywhere I've ever lived. I use two large baskets for jeans. Works out great.

  2. I am so greatful I found this! I just moved into an apt that's residential or commercial (it's residential now)! 625sqft that dbl your son's apt, but WOW is it hard to work around all this difficult n quircky space! First it's so narrow, most is only 8ft wide, and about 21' long in upstairs bedroom. But the first room (aka living room ๐Ÿ˜•) is so oddly shaped,,,more fun is both rooms have the only closet space taking up a whole wall!!! Oh how I wish I had your skills, but I'm gonna find as many of yours and others small housing hidden storage hacks as possible! Your Great inspiration is welcomed to me (aka canned sardine Grandma) lol ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. do you have a video on how to attach the wall shelves to the brick walls? And other ways to attach things to the wall with out destroying the wall or having costly repairs to do prior to move out?

  4. I had to move into a home with very minimal storage. LOVE idea of mirrored cabinet and dark baskets…
    I'm redoing a bedroom for my sewing/oil, watercolor, acrylic painting /crafts. I DON'T want cluttered look with all my junk. Dark baskets GREAT help, also..

  5. Snap–that four line thing again. Anyway, thank you for generously sharing your talent, ideas, innovation, and Design Sessions. Have signed up and looking forward to soaking up every word. I have three sons who can do lots of great things and I'll be putting them to work with Robeson Renovations. Thank you.

  6. Oops. I'm also OCD and thought the entire comment would show if it was four lines–snap! I'm renovating my kitchen (with trepidation), and I'm utterly thrilled I found Robeson Design. I don't have the resources to get the consults I'd love to have. Watching your videos has given me many ideas for the kitchen and other spaces. Thank you. You are amazing.

  7. Yes, Rebecca that was brilliant. I found you two days ago: I am ADDICTED, have watched two Design Sessions, and countless other videos. I finally got the bedroom right, and whats really funny is I'm looking at the track light and know its not right but I also know how to fix it. I rearranged my kitchen chairs, and have started making notes for the reno I'm now doing. TY!!

  8. very helpful, especially when we are currently redo'ing my 12yr old's room. most of this video applies to store all his things he needs w/in reach in a smaller space. Good one "Becky" ๐Ÿ˜›

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