Interior Design Scotts Apartment in Chicago… The REVEAL

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Interior Design This video is pat 2 of Rebecca and Scotts decorating adventures in Chicago. Watch now to see how everything turned out for this mother son …


33 thoughts on “Interior Design Scotts Apartment in Chicago… The REVEAL

  1. OMG you two should go into business together! It could be fun Scott just remember fun, laughter, and love!! Scott you could branch out from there!! You should really think about it!!
    Your mom is a multi-trillion dollar designer!! Hmmm! What an opportunity!

  2. Needless to say, this is an old vid. however, I couldn't resist watching it again as no one can't deny the love among mother & son…wishing you Rebecca and your family always the very best… Abrazos y OLE~

  3. I thought I was pretty good at interior design… but Oh, my! You are fabulous! Just beautiful. What I love about your work is it is practical (liveable) and ALWAYS is gorgeous! Do you mind sharing how much you spent? Just curious. Thank you for sharing.

    BTW, you look so hot in the pic at the end. Love your hair.

  4. cool! I love the little extra tips you are giving us! I was always wondering how you are doing the electricy for all those places (eg for the lamps hanging from the ceiling). Well of course you can put in an extra wall or cut the existing walls. But the solution you showed is just a looooooot easier! Thank you for this tip! And I like the idea with the picture. Would love to hear more of your ideas and tips! They are really helpful! thanks a lot!!!

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