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43 thoughts on “Interior Design | White Home Decor | Decorating & Painting Tips

  1. Sorry but your "art"decoration is all about" FAKE"…desing,
    I call designers Fake and Real one…..few are real…but you decive your clients…with whatever color,or thing idea to fill IN….the space ..or corner ….even your home is about FAKE things..ideas…my opinion …American designer is like a CAN "dinner " ….some cook from scratch Organic delicious,NUTRICIOS
    Organic Can food is ok "sometimes" ……but 90% can,!! Same the " designer"…..all about FAST,FAST,FAST…fix FAST FOOD where is the real love?!!!! Then….art is heart,love, Passion for your family not to provoque ENVY….is simple good quality…NO FAST FOOD CaN,, BOX for the Family….. 😪

  2. I love the look. But is it ok to paint 1 wall white and leave the rest the same color as your walls? I have the same wall colors and i want to know if that would work. Thanks!

  3. can you still get away with a white like Ben Moore Cloud White if I have white trim? (I do not want to paint all of the trim to change that color).

  4. Hi I’m remodeling my small house. I want to make it look fresh, clean, open, spacious. What color cellings, Walls, trim, doors, kitchen cabinets would you choose if this was your home? My style is modern farm. All my floors are wood floors with the exception of the kitchen laundry room and bathroom. I need to choose a new floors in this 3 rooms. I would like to know what would you pick it this was your situation. Thank you for helping us.

  5. I tried and boy is painting hard! then I hired a home advisor "painter" and yeah bad job all around! Now I'm starting over and hiring a painting company to just repaint the entire home white.  The cost is nuts but I love white and figured it's time to stop taking short cuts.  I am painting my bedroom set on my own so every tip I've gotten from these videos, help a lot  🙂

  6. I love the beach look design specially the painting, I feel like I'm close to the ocean. My husband's a seafarer, so I would definitely design our living room that way. Thank you.

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