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Less toil characteristics for easy cleaning!

The household and janitorial market is now full of products which make a housewife or janitors toil less for cleaning adamant stains caused by a variety of soiling agents. They come in different brands and trade names though the soapy or alkaline ingredient may not vary much in chemical composition. If one surveys these products we can come cross Lestoil, Lysol, Simple Green, Stanley, Foodmaster, and other brand names that have made a dent in the overall cleaner market. They all aim at the concept of “less toil” to achieve the desired cleaning action! It is also true that ‘toil-less’ or ‘less toil’ (pun unintended) heavy duty cleaning product must be quite a potent composition. Therefore care needs to be taken to use these concentrated cleaner formulations and the instructions given on the containers or catalogs must be rigidly followed.

Chemical Cleaners – Usage Instructions are Important!

Chemicals need to be used with due respect and all precautions taken to avoid harmful effects. The manufacturers will always supply adequate instructions on the safe use of their products and it is wise to read these very carefully. One must realize that if a concentrated heavy duty cleaning liquid is effective in cleaning obstinate stains and removes bacteria, they can also be of some harm to the human body in case care is not taken! All detergents, heavy duty cleaners, and liquid soaps are alkaline in nature (as contrary to acidic medium) and can be slightly corrosive or allergic to some types of skin. One must ensure a positive test with the concentrates or better still one must use protective gloves to handle these products. Of course, not all require protective clothing. One big website selling lestoil heavy duty cleaner received a spike in sales 1 day and could not figure out why until they emailed some of their customers. The customers had figured out by accident that this heavy duty cleaner stopped the symptoms of psoriasis when rubbed on the skin, while he was cleaning his floor.

Cleaning should be fun and enjoyable rather than a painful job! You should understand the maxim that you are cleaning your environment and not yourself! Every package will ensure less toil cleaning in your kitchen, toilet, bathrooms, floors etc thereby giving your home a healthy look.

Some salient facts of using concentrated heavy duty cleaners

A few important tips can help you in the proper usage of these potent cleaning packages:

* Use the cleaner as it is supplied and never mix it with other chemical products since this can cause a reaction and may have harmful side effects.

* The cleaning fluids that ensure less toiling during cleaning also contain reactive chemicals that are good enough to remove stains and dirt. They should be used only as instructed and on media that is mentioned on the can. Do not use them on wooden varnished flooring or plastic coated finishes. The pine oil that is generally used can damage your decorative surfaces.

* Conventionally most heavy duty cleaners are not disinfectants and do not have such approvals. For disinfecting spaces one must use a recommended brand product marked as a disinfectant or antibacterial.

* Heavy duty cleaners that ensure less toil for cleaning your stubborn stains and grease can also be quite corrosive for normal glass and this should be avoided if mentioned in the instructions.

* Paint can be removed by pine oil that is an essential ingredient of many heavy duty cleaner fluids. Care must be exercised when using these cleaners on painted surfaces. Of course you can clean your paint brushes with this type of cleaner — if you can remove paint – you can clean paint brushes!

The moral of the cleaning story is to use heavy duty branded cleaners with the utmost care and thought to give the best results and a hygienic environment — without tears!

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