47 thoughts on “Luxury Apartment Interior

  1. I never necessarily ever had a dream house before but I gotta say this is the first because not only it's in nyc it comes with anything and more like a garage, a pool, a rooftop access, and many more…all that stuff is unheard of in nyc and the fact this is house and not a condo or apartment make it 100 times better too

  2. So so beautiful!!!! I love the decoration, but what made me salivate was the pool. I've always wanted an endless lap swimming pool, and no those silly half hearted ones, suitable only to show off at parties.
    With this type of money… I still wouldn't need the cinema room, nor more than 6 bathrooms. So in that space, I would have a dancing room with noise insulation, where I could also skate, and an incredible crafts room for jewellery making, books binding, clothes and accessories alterations, gifts wrapping… and my husband's hobbies.
    The study seems to be done with the only purpose of writing thank you cards… I would need it to be much much bigger and more practical, to house my books, magazines, stationery, computers, screens, printers….
    Ahhh… what a wonderful dream!

  3. lol, my 982 room, 3,214 bathroom mansion looks better than this, at least 9,000 times better. And by the way, I’m a trillionaire/billionaire/millionaire/thousandair/hundredair

  4. OMG!!! 12 Bathrooms and a Wine closet that holds only 400 bottles…..Ahhhhh, I guess for a 3rd world street like West 17th. It would be ruff, I could last maybe a day.

  5. i dont like superoldschool style and new supersynthetic style too… i think it should go "Eco-hightech" – all natural and max green + cool oldschool art shit + hightech devices

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