35 thoughts on “Micro apartments on the rise in Hong Kong

  1. I can share it with at least a couple more friends and have only 1/9 th of my salary go towards rent.
    Stay like that for 10 years ,save heavily and then move to another city with a cheap rent, more space and a job at a better position and pay.

  2. Honestly, I would be fine with that. As long as I can game at home when I am free , have a bed to sleep in and my own toilet and shower. I am good. It's easy to clean, very underestimated in my eyes.

    This is already a lot more luxury many other people don't have. They look nice, it's only small. But the price though … wow!

  3. Compared to the other videos I've watched regarding this topic, he has it good. The other people I've seen can only rent something the size of their bed.

  4. Idk bout others, but if it for me being live in that kind of small apartment but have every basic things in need, still way comfort, small doesn't always mean cramp, I get that if I have an unorganized room with the size of normal or even bigger furniture & etc, I always dream where I can live independently in a nice small space but not cranky (& that's not cranky), so I can arrange all of my things & needs in closer reach, but if anyone usually live in a normal or big place than nowonder, especially when see like Americans say their normal which is consider big enough for me they still said it's not big enough πŸ˜‚

  5. My take is, if you live with someone with whom you get along well(good wife/gf for example), i believe living like that would not be much of a problem. If your neighbors are normal people as well, even better. Everything is about people, size and apartments come second.

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