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35 thoughts on “Minimalist Apartment Tour

  1. There's nothing more comforting than your home, especially when it comes to making it your very own sacred space. This is myself and Peter's very first apartment that we've called our own after getting married, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share our space with you all. Hope you all enjoy this long, packed video! It's a rare occasion that I ever post a video so robust in size (;

  2. I really love your apartment. It's perfect and you have everything you need. I am older and went through the 8-s and 90s phase of flowery curtains and plaid pillows that blended… So much stuff to clean and keep tidy, it consumes your life!! It took me years to understand how less IS more! Good luck in your life as a married couple, and again, love your place, 2 thumbs up from me!

  3. Hi! I liked how peaceful the video was. Strange question perhaps, but what type of white paint is on the wall? I can tell it's not a clear white, but what type of white is it? Thanks in advance!

  4. Where do you hang your jackets when you step inside?

    This really makes me want to move out. I so want to create my own space that is way more minimalistic than my parents home (so much stuff!) . I like how you have it, I will probably have a bit more colour tho, but that’s personal. Minimalism comes in many forms. 🙂

  5. i think some blankets, rugs or more cushiony furniture could help with the echo. such an echo-y environment can be very uncomfortable and disturbing.

  6. I like how everything is so clean and tidy. Only thing that I didn't like are shoes beside the entrance. It would be better to put there a little shoe closet.

  7. Excellent video , smart a must see for everyone who remembers their first apartment or for those contemplating living in their own apartment and how the power of simplicity and neatness without excess expense can provide an positive living environment – good job.

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