Minimalist Apartment Tour !

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40 thoughts on “Minimalist Apartment Tour !

  1. Your home is lovely. I very much like minimalist, but I need something a little warmer & I have too much stuff. LOL! Here's what I do with that big old melon that takes up ALL the space in the refrigerator; cut the flesh off of the rind & put the fruit into containers. It's so much easier than dealing with a whole melon that takes up too much space. I love your granola recipes & would definitely like to see more of your food videos, they're my favourite! 😀

  2. I love clean lines tho I am an eclectic design type, not but a cluttered look, I use to use a museum white for walls as I found it changes with the lighting of the day and reflects the colors in the room. i like to change a room by seasons by using pillows throw rugs or other small changes. There is something about me that I just get bored and need a change. in that storage can be a problem. I like the less is more idea and am busy trying to revamp my clothes in that concept. wish me luck
    I really enjoy your site.

  3. I wonder if you can wrap something fire/electricity-safe around the wire of the lightbulb in your bedroom to make it more seemly. 💡 I would even use some kind of a light coloured hemp rope but I wonder if it would a fire hazard. 🤔💛

  4. Wow I haven't watched one of your videos since you had white hair, no eyebrows and had a very stark style. You look soooo lovely now! (Not that you didn't before! I just think you look so pretty and fresh here 🙂 )

  5. No,having an architect father and an art/antiques dealer/broker mother was caught between watching how the world offered the availability of mass consumption,and,or living with what you need and admire.our first home was the family 1730,filled with ancestral everything,mold 1.5 years,my father built a mid century ranch home for our family on family acreage,think old woodlands.There was no clutter in the new home,no attic exploding with stuff.I still catch myself admiring an antiquity ,but my
    Haus is white upon white,with 1 painting in livingroom.My house has been described as a psychiatrists' office,a set from the Bob Newhart Show,and the perverbial,"are you moving?"…the beauty is the cleanliness and efficient manner in accomplishing everything,and yes,the patterns on the wall from the sun☀️once filled my if you were to trace that last non-moving shadow upon wall,it would be in monochromatics.

  6. I would like to ask. If you have mirrors in the house, does that give the room depth or does it become an issue where you think that you have too much space by preception causing you to get rid of the mirrors later? I have seen that could be an issue in myself so I thought that I would ask. Thanks!

  7. Your blazer! It makes me think of my first quality purchase when I went to CEGEP (Quebec college), I love it. The tour is a great inspiration. I'm in a new shared space so my bedroom is minimalist clean with the rest of the apartment is colourful homey. I'm adjusting. 😉

  8. I am a colorful person, I like my art and lots of lamps and candles, and while I think its beautiful, I couldn't live somewhere so white and sterile I don't think

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