Moscow Modern Studio Apartment. Interior Design

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48 thoughts on “Moscow Modern Studio Apartment. Interior Design

  1. показушно всё 🙁 – реальность это где 5 этажки или 9 этажке при ссср которые строили ( пенсия 11тысяч рублей у пенсионерок бывает 8500₽ в месЦ ( это квартира виднл в коедит всё )

  2. Sounds like your friend made a smart investment. The high rent indicates the area and apartment is desired so it should be easy to rent and it very likely will grow in value over time.

  3. 40т ₽ в месяц за студию ? Вы что уж ) за эти деньги двушку можно снять в этом де доме )

  4. In the long run….these high rise living places for human beings aren't beneficial to the mental and social development of individuals. They inevitably lead to social anxiety and a feeling of separation from the ground level of reality.
    For children – they are toxic.
    We know this from many research papers and analysis of people who grew up in these places. For example – Glasgow in Scotland had the largest number of towers built in the 60s 70s…..
    In one development – there were over 17,000 families and the apartments were 32 stories high. There were multiple developments in Glasgow like this. No other city in europe commissioned as many.
    So we have nearly 50 years of developmental information on the effects upon human beings; and living enclosed and separate and apart from ground level reality.
    For some reason. This information seems to get buried – which I don't understand. Once again; profit overcomes what is beneficial to the human child. And that is a sad indictment of our world and local planners who KNOW the reality of living in these places. Social isolation and loneliness are a reality in these places.

  5. I have lived in several "studio" apts in my life in San Diego and this apt in Russia is much nicer than they were and 15 years ago I was paying almost $700/month. God knows what those studio in SD are going for these days.

  6. please Valeria tell me what is the white picket fence looking thing in hallway that Alex seemed impressed by. is it maybe a heater i thought. i did not hear you mention it in your narrative.

  7. It's very small and expensive for the space. I would not like to live there but I guess for one man on his own it's ok. I didn't see any windows in the flat? What if your friend meets a nice lady? There is no room for two.

  8. It's adorable! And close to Moscow, and transportation…I could absolutely live there. Well.. maybe not with my 3 children, but if they were grown, and Russia would have me… I could see myself in this little, but elegant flat. =-) Thank you very much. I enjoy seeing Russia through your eyes.

  9. From your videos, what I understood is people all are same..Russians, Europeans, Americans are all same but are divided by ideologies created by Satan or evil of the earth for enslaving people based on his divide and conquer policy..Look how very same Russians and Germans were turned against to each other in the name of different ideologies as fascism and socialism which are both made by the very same evil for his dominance..Also am glad Russia is standing for its Christian values than many other western countries..Sorry for saying politics on your video, but just needed to express what I felt after seeing Russia and Russians..Btw another great video from you as usual..Cheers!!☺️👍

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