Must-See Small Cool Homes, Under 1,000 Square Feet

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7 thoughts on “Must-See Small Cool Homes, Under 1,000 Square Feet

  1. Don't really like these. The homes under 700 square feet had a better layout and felt like more of a home than these. The way these are designs, you would think they were like 500> square feet.

  2. Nice video. A thousand square ft house isn't a small house, it's small compared to the expectations of the big deal thinking of today, but were considered a wonderful size to raise a family in during the hayday of the tract homes of the late 40s,m 50s, and 60s. I lived in a 2 bd 1 ba house complete with bkst area, dining and a laundry room. It was wonderful with a single car garage and big yard. Nice covered concrete patio and room for hanging laundry. At some point we got the requisite automatic washer and drying so the slab for the laundry lines became a base/floor for a shed which housed the gardening equipment and toys. I have long said that we need to get back to building lots of small 2 &3 bedroom houses. We actually did things together in those days, and no, I'm not just spouting some nostalgic wishful thinking. It would be good for America and good for families. Being in America, I don't speak for other countries but think a lot of small houses are better than raising families in apartments….if you have the space.

    Edited because I forgot to say that that little house was 755 sq ft. It was lovely and ample.

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