My German Flat vs American Apartment

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Come with me on a tour of my apartment in Germany! I will point out all of the differences between my German flat and an American apartment. Check out My …


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  1. Germans, Germans. So many generalisations. Not all Germans are the same and not all German water is the same and not all Germans flats are all the same. It's like saying all yanks are thick and have whiny voices.

  2. I am sorry to say that you got most it totally all wrong. And you should not generalize out of so few observation. On top of it much of out way of living is basen out of historical reasons. Many of our buildings is old, and that is whats creating our possibilites.
    I have newer in my entire life heard of people who dismantle their kitchen to take it with them. What do you think of us. We are not cute ewoks or strange aliens. Yes your have bigger fridges and larger cooking ranges too. Some of you have far to go to get to your malls. Some don´t and they still fill up their in most of our opinions completely oversized fridges and get bigger and bigger.

  3. So cool. The shoe thing is a lot like Japan. My husband and toddler and I take our shoes off too when we enter. It does keep the floors cleaner. The rest of my family doesn't do that though.

  4. Really similar to France.
    I am of the opinion that France (Germany too?) desperately needs American style screens and screen doors — and America desperately needs French style Shutters! If our two county's can come together on this we will have the best doors and windows 😀

  5. The same things like here in switzerland, small fridges , cookers, oven even in schools kids are required to wear their slippers in class up-to grade 8 and leave the normal shoes outside the classroom, and also teachers handshake with kids after school and even lunch time.

  6. Interesting to watch how many obvious things for us are ''cool'' for the American 🙂 I can't agree with the water thing, though. It's probably harder than in US but not that the softest is 10x harder than the hardest etc. C'mon, be realistic. The water all over Germany is drinkable and of good quality, no smell, no nothing. The other thing is the toilet – it can also stand on the floor and have the outside tank, depends on the flat and when was it renovated. The slippers – walking barefoot is quite normal, slippers are good in winter. You can bring your party shoes to the party, no need to be in slippers but I usually prefer to stay barefoot. In Finland we'd offer you woolen socks in winter 🙂

  7. German apartments are the worst in the whole Europe. Architecture sucks even on newly built houses, small ugly (Weissgefliesst) bathrooms looks like soviet bathrooms from the 60s. No air conditioner installed, in summer the apartments are just like nightmare. No style at all in new german apartments, simply basic crap. If you go anywhere else in Europe including eastern Europe, you can get much nicer, more functional and better built new apartments.

  8. In New Zealand it's considered fairly rude to go into someone's house without taking off your shoes. Especially Māori and Pasifika people for cultural reasons. For us Pākehā it's more about not tracking in mud, like in Europe. In winter I wear slippers, in summer socks or bare feet. I was surprised when I went to the US and just went into people's houses with shoes on, it felt strange and I never quite got used to it.

  9. Ahhh. I am german grew up in Germany and live in the U.S. right now, well 11 years now. It really depends on the building age etc. …not all the toilets look like that- smh. I never had one like that. Very accurate closet and windows…and I MISS MY NORMAL WINDOWS

  10. Kelly, I enjoyed your video even with your face in the screen. Your observations on your flat are interesting and correct. But I have visited several places in Germany and found many different solutions. You must remember that Germany is mainly cold. It may get 90 F in some places at some times but not for long. They don't need air conditioning. I lived in Bellevue, Washington outside of Seattle for a short time and they had no air conditioning or screens on their windows (some flies were encountered) and it gets nowhere near as cold as Germany. In eastern Washington, it may get colder. I lived most of my life in New Orleans. We have "shotgun" houses where you could shoot a shotgun through the front door and it would go out of the back door without hitting anything. Rooms were separated by pocket doors in the center and a kitchen and bathroom were added to the rear of the house when indoor plumbing became popular. There was no air conditioning. Tall windows were opened on both sides of the house in each room. Summer days run from 90F to 105F from June through September. I'm glad we now have air conditioning.

  11. Kelly,you are one lucky girl.that you can afford such a modern apartment/flat.
    I presume that most poeple that are a bit older dont have all those modern amenities. The heater aka toweldrier in the bathroom,the hanging toilet,which is much easier to clean than a standing toilet.the electric shutters that go up and down on the press of a button.or with a timer.

  12. Sure it,s different .After all it is Germany ,the best country and best people in the world.I used to live over there for few years,that is my own experience .You should get used to it.

  13. The size of the fridge depends on what fridge you buy. Most modern fridges have a huge freezer. Actually, most people take their kitchen (or at least some appliances) with them because it costs money. The WC size and shape varies from apartment to apartment. The one thing both, americans and germans lack, is the damn bidet. Being italian, i find it soo uncomfrotable to undress every time i have to wash my ass. I understand that most of the time you don't really wash yourself, but cmon…Your female hygiene must be pretty terrible.

    The part on air conditioning doesn't make sense. Many houses and apartments in europe have aircon, but you only use it when it's really hot. Why? Because electricity is fkn expensive. Also, why don't you just open the window ?

  14. Nice video! We had very hard water from our well in NB, Canada. I tried CLR & other commercial products but the very best was also the cheapest – white vinegar. Fill a mug with 1 cup of vinegar and place it in the top rack of your dishwasher, about once a week. It also makes the dishes sparkle! Put vinegar in a spray bottle to use on your shower glass. It removes hard water stains & soap scum. Works great for your faucets too. Cheers!

  15. The mechanism of the window is called tilt and turn, or just tilt. It took Europe by a storm in the 2000s, and it's not the mechanism it's the whole window system, called sandwich windows or just double glazed windows for better insulation because of the plastic frame. And sound proofing.

    The "kitchen" problem, people don't move their kitchen, they move their furniture, in this case their flat comes with no furniture and the landlord doesn't want to either buy one lower the price of the rent to compensate for one, what do you do ? Stay with no kitchen furniture ? And when you leave, you just leave your 400 euros furniture because I don't like money ?

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