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My Minimalist Apartment – 8 Minimalist Decor Ideas Finally! It’s here. 🙂 Thanks so much for all the requests, I’m happy and honored that you are all so interested …


21 thoughts on “MY MINIMALIST APARTMENT | Minimalist Decor Ideas

  1. Loving the tour!
    I got my own place too!
    I put up an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as cool as yours 😛

  2. OMG love your wooden table! So true, clean floor is the best, that's why I don't have any carpets…I looove plants, yours are so pretty decorated! glad you love green tea💚also. You really love Japan, that makes me so happy and connected to you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful apartment with us. xoxo Tina in Hokkaido

  3. For me, this is too much STUFF. It is interesting that so many minimalists have a notion that white everything is pure and aesthetically pleasing. Mmmm…Yawn. I have been a true minimalist at least 42 years, the type that owns very little including almost no furniture. Also, COLOR is life. It is not the pale foods that give us life, it is the colorful ones! That is how I feel about home. I have blue walls in bedroom/living room and my kitchen is Burgundy RED and full of energy. I have no bed, no box STUFF holders except those that are built in, and almost no decorative STUFF except a wall board with photos and love notes. Color is life! What I LOVE is SPACE not decor. No one way to be a minimalist, of course.
    P.S. Peace is inside. I meditate 30-60 minutes EVERY day. It is that which gives me peace, not white walls!

  4. I’m glad you did your home tour in this way, you really showed us the essence of your space without filming your bathroom/bedroom(s) etc. I understand why you wouldn’t want to do that.

    Do you play guitar? I spotted one in your room, I teach it!

    I like any of your videos, simple, happy or zen 😊

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