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Hi Loves! it’s been a year since I shared my unfinished flat/ apartment tour and the love and support i received was out of this world. Only a month after i started …


25 thoughts on “MY UPDATED FLAT/ APARTMENT TOUR | Before & Afters & Designing my apartment on a budget | JV HOME

  1. Cannot wait for the bathroom tour! And I agree, in regards to the wall behind your bed. I would suggest maybe grey/neutral textured wallpaper to give the room more texture as opposed to just a coat of paint.

  2. Please stick to a very neutral paint, wall paper might mess up the theme & look classless. Also in love with pillowcase yes we want covers as well & stick to only the logo on the pillowcase instead of making the whole logo and brand name small, just remove the brand name. We know the logo anyways.

  3. Love it, but please leave your bedroom wall plain I think it’ll be too much if you add wallpaper/paint but that’s just my personal taste, you’ve done a really great job with your flat, well done 😁 xXx

  4. Love your beautiful home so welcoming and calm …grey is my colour too you have done an amazing transformation in your home and yes it does take time and money… .I think wallpaper in the bedroom behind the headboard will be lovely grey pattern with a hint of a shimmer because it would match the shimmer on the cushions on the bed.. beautiful cushions by the way. .. Just another suggestion the wall where the long white mirror hangs near your front door maybe paint it grey or wallpaper that section it would inhance the beautiful mirror well i would do that .. Again your own personal choice of course I know you didn't ask for that opinion but I thought it would be a nice touch .. .has for your bedding I love it how it is . the design is lovely why go small with a design it looks really elegant would buy it like that ..πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘±πŸ’•

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