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AHHH!!! Today is finally the day I share my new house tour with you all! Its a mix of Southern, country, shabby chic and farmhouse home decor. All from …



  1. Just discovered your channel and have been watching your videos all day while I clean! My boyfriend and I are buying our first home (closing this week) and your videos are also giving me so much decorating inspiration!! Definitely subscribing.

  2. I love this so much im new to your channel but had to go back and watch all your videos. We just recently bought our first home and will be moving soon so I love getting some ideas for decorating ๐Ÿ™‚ love love love this and your channel

  3. Hi hun! Iโ€™m new here & am binge watching ur vids & I love the idea of the dresser in the living room & it would be great to put the throw blankets:) and great answer, itโ€™s YOUR house! Ppl have some nerve. Love your channel! Xo

  4. I Love your your new home! My favorite is your back porch and your kitchen, especially your countertops. Our fireplace is a lot like yours. We live in northern Georgia. Thanks for the tour and enjoy your home. I think Julie looks like Mommy and Ross like Daddy! I Loved your Disney videos. Julie really was into it and Ross for his age did great! Glad you had a wonderful trip and memory!

  5. Been watching a few of your videos Meg , and just realized from this one that you guys are in NC .. i.m watching you from Scotland, but have a brother in Salisbury NC .. small world eh!..great video love your new home …xx

  6. Your house looks amazing :)) how old are you?? I got married when I was about 23 but been with my husband for 8 years…..

    But I love the dresser in the living room I think itโ€™s adorable

  7. Wow! You could totally be a cozy minimalist interior designer! You just have the right balance. I could so use your help! Haha! I've got the minimalism, decluttering & maintanance totally down, but I need help with bringing the right amount of stuff and furniture in with color and coziness. My house kind of looks like we just moved in. We've been here over 10 years. We need to pick new wall colors too (except for the bathroom & bedrooms).

  8. Meg. I have been binge watching your videos and came across the inside house one and I have to know what brand and color paint is the office/dining room? I'm so ready to change ours and have been trying to decide what color to go with for a year and now that I see yours that is what I love and will work best for me. Can you please respond on the brand and color. Thank you so much. Theresa.

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