NYC’s Tiniest Apartment? The 425-Sq. Ft. Micro Loft

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June 18 (Bloomberg) — Louise Harpman, founding partner of Specht Harpman, discusses the growing micro apartment trend with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg …


41 thoughts on “NYC’s Tiniest Apartment? The 425-Sq. Ft. Micro Loft

  1. Less is wayyyy more money…this is insanity…400k…for 400sqf…get the hell outta here… and she says it with a straight face…WOW😳😳😳πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  2. "There's such a demand for micro spaces." That's because humans have been propagandized successfully to agree to live like rats. You can bet that this woman doesn't live in any 425 square-foot apartment–she's probably lives in 3,000 sq. ft. loft. Stupid, stupid Americans.

  3. This costs the same as my house! Also, this is not the smallest apartment, but I LOVE it! If only it wasnt so expensive! I would live in an apartment like this in a smaller city for cheaper

  4. there is NOT more demand for smaller spaces, there is more demand for a place that regular people can afford to live! why pay so much for these match boxes when you can have a great house (1500 SQft) with a big yard in other states? What a Shame !!!

  5. They keep saying these micro-apartments are "in demand". They are not–it's the only alternative besides winning a lottery that one can afford to live in NYC. This is such bull. The demand is to be in NY and people do it, and take what they can get and afford. Ask any real NYer this is unacceptable. This is the only city where you had a billionaire (Bloomberg) who has several homes over thousands of square feet each dictate to a city whose looking for affordable housing, that 400 sq feet and less is just fine. Hypocrisy at its best right here.

  6. What crazy person purchased that? There's no reason why a $425 sq ft apartment should cost that much. You can create duel space saving home without that cost. Forgive me if I'm wrong but people are moving into smaller places for two reasons. First, many of us are single and don't want all that space. Second, the cost of housing is out of reach for far to many people.

  7. Her architectural aesthetic is way too slick for me. Most of the small spaces designed by architects on this channel are inspiring, they use humble materials in an intelligent way. This lady's spaces are so airtight, they are soulless and uptight.

  8. I saw these kind of apartments close to where I live for the first time. The prices for sq.ft is insanely high! It cost just as much as almost double the sq.ft you can get for a normal apartment. There is no way in hell that makes sense.

  9. I can guarantee they're paying almost $2,000 for it I'll be lucky if I can afford $500 Social Security disability don't give you crap to live on and the average rent is over 500 now what are we going to do live on the street that apartment is too expensive

  10. A micro apartment is meant to be cheap. Thats why its its small o_O You would have to be retarded to pay that much for small space like that. Who is going to be proud to tell there friends and family that they pay that much for something so tiny? So dumb I cant even.

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