Paris micro-apartment stacks kitchen, bed, bath in 129 sq ft

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When architect Julie Nabucet was asked to fit the rooms of a full-sized apartment in a 129-square-foot (12 m2) flat in the center of Paris (Montorgueil quarter), …


41 thoughts on “Paris micro-apartment stacks kitchen, bed, bath in 129 sq ft

  1. well designed space (some parts ) think it would have been better if they did a loft bed space and put it where the kitchen is and then their would be space under the loft space for a kitchen. Then they could use the rest of the floor space for storage and muilty purpose furniture and have more space for entertaining

  2. French people who live in a tiny place is not with pleasure, it's not a choice. Paris is a big city and place are rare and expensive. Everybody wants to live in a house with garden. But sometimes, they have no choice. And French people prefer taking shower than bath. It's the same:water with soap.

  3. According to Indian standard it is too small but I liked the way the space is used and maintenance is too less. Even if we have 50 times bigger than this, still we call it small house.

  4. I FEEL ITS SAD HUMANS HAVE GOTTEN SO GREADY AS TO COME TO THIS!!!!!! These spaces are too small!!!! We are SETTLING FOR SOOOO MUCH LESS. Don’t tell me you enjoy this life style over a descent size place at a descent PRICE!!!!

  5. camera girl, camera angle and room presentation was tooo much uncomfortable ,,,, where her closet storage ?? where her stove for cook?? this video just make confusion , uncomfortable and silly presentation -_-

  6. I looooove small spaces!!! I really would love to live there 🙂 Very cozy, comfortable and only the things that you need – nothing more! Plus romantic view, oh! And it’s a center as I understood… Perfect place to live! <3

  7. All these rich kids in the comments going "Well that would be okay for a 1 week vacation" like do you not understand this is how people HAVE to live in some cities with a fixed income? Not everyone can afford a 7,000 square foot house.

  8. the only negative I found is that I personally can’t stand people sitting on my bed with their day clothes on LOL. So I would need a dedicated space for guests or at the minimum so type of cover/throw to protect my bed ‼️ Other than that , super awesome home

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