Pimp Your Home With These 19 DIY Room Decor Ideas by Crafty Panda

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19 cozy DIY home decor ideas by Crafty Panda. Learn how to decorate your room, bedroom, and kitchen with affordable DIY decoration projects. Subscribe to …


43 thoughts on “Pimp Your Home With These 19 DIY Room Decor Ideas by Crafty Panda

  1. 6:07 or you can just put it on paper and in a small spray bottle put acrilic paint and water and just spray it and remover the hot glue words and hang it up on a frame, that’s what I did, mine says love and the spray colors I used was megenta and yellow and my bathroom is like a pretty light yellow and blue shower curtains heh I hanged it in there lel

  2. Stupid commercial before the video. Dumb liberal women…"protect our right to safe, legal abortion". My God, the ignorance. Safe for WHO? Ummmmm the baby DIES. How about this…. don't want a baby; KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!😡

  3. The shirt pocket thingy is a good idea if the shirt is TOTALLY ruined, or if it’s small or something but don’t do that to shirt’s you wear lmao also, old shirts can be turned into wash cloths for cars and stuff if they’re cotton and it’s a one use thing

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