Sedation Is For Adults People – Not Children

You may, or may not, be aware of this growing concern about the practice of sedating children for dentistry – especially when you consider that several deaths have been linked to this practice. Let’s be real clear, there was NO sedation dentistry when I was a child. So how did we deal with dentistry at that time? Like everybody else – you sat in the dentist’s chair and were horrified as the dentist drilled in your mouth.

It’s one of the reasons why millions of adults stay away from the dentist. They were traumatized as children. But here’s the thing – there are also many more millions of adults who visit the dentist regularly; and they also went through the same experiences.

Children are still growing, and developing; their little bodies shouldn’t have to deal with all these chemicals running through them. Dentistry as a child, sucks. I get it, but in a few minutes its over, and you get a lollipop. Why are we deciding to sedate our kids to drill out, and fill, a cavity?

My mom talked to me for weeks, getting me mentally ready for the day I was going to sit in the dentist’s chair, my first go round. I remember being scared, and I remember howling when he began drilling, but it was over, and I got to go home, and play with my friends. Children today are drugged up so the dentist doesn’t have to hear them crying, or screaming, as they work – and parents are fine with this!!

Dentists need to be made accountable for their decisions, but the parents . . . who are these jokers? As a parent of three children, I can tell you I would never agree to put my child under for anything other than life-saving surgery. Why do it for something that is as far from life-threatening as can be? Here’s the thing, several kids have lost their ability to walk, and talk, after being sedated at local dentist offices.

In fact, if you think I’m exaggerating, you can check out a report from Megan Kelly at, titled, “Children at Risk? Kids and Sedation at the Dentist’s Office.” It’s too heart-breaking for me to link to it, but it’s easier enough to find if you’re truly interested.

Stop this unnecessary practice. This doesn’t need to be made into a law – people just need to start using a little more common sense is all.


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