Shopping For A Hotel Glam Bedroom Design

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Whynot vlog everything you don’t see in a room makeover video?! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE FUN: Follow me on …


45 thoughts on “Shopping For A Hotel Glam Bedroom Design

  1. i binge watch too! love mr kate joeeeeeyyyyy and the team, amazing. im watchin all the vids for the 2nd time now!!!! love me some mr kate & co!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxjodia

  2. kate i need help but i live in a far country from america so u can t come and i have the wost room from 2 to 15 what i can t belive i still live here i have a chield bed uhhh plus it s broken

  3. Hola 🙂 Mr.Kate in this video you are using a different compact camera, Did your new sony 100 v not work for you ? Can you please share what camera you use for your vloging videos. I am about to buy one and not sure what camera to get 🙁

  4. @mr.kate You should definitly (I'm not sure hoe you write it…. I'm a dutchiee ☺) buttt…… you should defenitly add the links to your outfits in the description bar below!!!!!! They rock every time! Oh well.. love you guyss 😘 ps. I'm studying InteriorDesign right now… almost finished it and I loved it

  5. @Mr. Kate do you only renovate people's rooms that live in California? Because I subscribed and spread the hashtag, for the giveaway, but I don't live in California. Could I still get the giveaway?

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