Sims FreePlay – Little Loft Apartments (Original Design)

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These Sims FreePlay loft apartments show feature walls or accent walls, which were recently unlocked by the Sims FreePlay Feature Walls Quest. There are 5 …


32 thoughts on “Sims FreePlay – Little Loft Apartments (Original Design)

  1. I am kinda making some loft apartments like these but I am not making them on a penthouse lot but I am making it on a beach lot….I will post a pic on insta if they ended up being nice…
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  2. I have a question? Why are your houses so simple? They are beautiful and i love them. However i wish i couls see more plants paintings lights and rugs. My house in real life is full of that lol.😁 i just like decorations. However. Its just a suggestion. Thank you and keep doung you bueautiful videos.

  3. I really love the designs but i cant have it because it ha no live build for it pls make your live build because i super duper like this loft design apartment ❀️❀️ looking forward for your respond pls

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  5. This is so creative. I always look forward to your builds. I think having the lofts with the open space makes the living area feel larger. I doubt I’d feel claustrophobic living here

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