Size Wise – 4 Decorating Tips to Make Small Rooms Seem Bigger

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You’ve heard the old saying “Bigger is better,” but perhaps you have less-than-generous rooms. Consider this: Make your small rooms function big and overcome the cramped challenges.

Your family’s growth and needs may change, that’s why it makes sense to have one room do the work of two. Follow simple principles that add to your small spaces.

So, how do you get started? Here are some decorating tips for dual-room purposes.

1. Simple neutral colors

Simple neutral colors can lend an a small room a warmth and expanding quality. Staying with lighter colors on the walls and furniture has a gentle, comfortable effect for your guest or office space. A shade of white or cream on the ceiling can also expand the room’s appearance.

2. Keep window treatments to a minimum

Bold prints and large drapes can distract and “overtake” a small space. If you want to bring in complementary patterns and textures, then pick a fabric pattern that has the same or close accent color. An exact match isn’t necessary.

Hanging curtain rods close to the top of the wall instead of at the frame lifts eye focus toward the ceiling. The ceiling will appear higher.

For natural light, a simple window treatment will reflect and accent the light colors. If you have need of privacy, along with your curtains, the added possibility of blinds, shades and shutters are endless.

3. De-clutter the clutter

Start by planning ways and places in your room as potential storage spaces. A built-in closet can be turned into a convenient work station by adding shelves and perhaps a built-in desk for computer use or homework. Close the doors and all is clear for your guests.

For little expense an old armoire, book shelves or ready-made cabinets can be painted to match your color scheme and used as simple, but valuable storage. With the addition of decorative baskets or boxes, your supplies can be neatly concealed and then complemented by a few accessories.

A built-in or ready-made bench seat under a window can add out of sight storage for extra towels and bedding for yourself or a guest.

A multitude of pieces can be hidden by slipcovers. An old lamp table with storage drawers, a filing cabinet or metal computer table can become tucked away under cloth covers. You can easily add a lamp, books or clock on top and be good to go.

4. Plan your furnishings

Because improved furniture designs come along all the time, there are many choices to fit your life style. Consider a piece that will grow with your family and also work with your space limitations.

Sleeper sofas have improved and are versatile for guests to sleep on and provide extra seating for your office.

A good choice for a growing family is a day bed. Day beds come in various styles and colors, and can easily be transitioned for a child’s use. You can take full advantage of their space saving quality.

A simple arm chair tucked in a corner that hides a fold out bed may now be a perfect size for one. Later it can bring added seating when needed.

Think about your personal style; be creative. No matter what size your room is, it can work for you.

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