Small Apartment Tour – Colorful One Bedroom in Tehran, Iran

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Come and take a tour of my cousin’s colorful small apartment in Tehran, Iran! This little one-bedroom apartment is one of the cutest small spaces I’ve ever seen …


22 thoughts on “Small Apartment Tour – Colorful One Bedroom in Tehran, Iran

  1. Most importantly in those apartments you can have late night adult fun with your girl and your neighbor downstairs won't get annoyed since it's sound proof enough and walls are not thin unlike apartments built in US where you can't even fart loud let alone listen to music or have a little party.

  2. Really disappointed in how small the apartments are you are showing us. And the decor seems very cold and impersonal. Tile flooring is very popular in Latin America as well due to it being so durable and easy to clean..but it is very cold on bare feet and very hard on your joints. Carpet is a luxury in the Middle East that most cannot afford to have or upkeep..and one I cannot live without due to it's soft warmth. These small apartments are probably fine for single people..but I can't imagine families living in them due to the lack of privacy and space. Thanks for the showing!

  3. Thanks The Nilofer . Such a nice video about iran and tehran and such a nice house and really like ur interest in small step in real estate. Can u plz mention the price of the apartment with decorations and without. Any way u and ur interest is touching

  4. وای پسر این اپارتمان دیزاین زیبایی داره! ولی این خونه جزو خونه های کوچیک به حساب نمیاد! بنظرم بزرگ نیست ولی خوب کوچیکم نیست متوسطه! مرسی نیلو

  5. The "heech" statuette is actually from a famous collection by Parviz Tanavoli and I don't believe is a direct reference to Roumi's famous poem "Donya hameh heech o ahl-e donya hameh heech, ey heech baraye heech bar heech mapeech".
    From a Guardian article on how the heeches came about:
    "In 1971, the then queen of Iran commissioned Parviz Tanavoli, a young artist in his 30s, to make one of his signature bronze sculptures for the palace of the shah. The tall, majestic bronze statuette depicts the word heech, which means “nothing” in Persian. Its message in relation to the shah’s grandiose rule was ambiguous, to say the least."

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