Small Bathroom Shower Designs

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Have a small bathroom and at a loss on how to redesign and spruce up the style to make everyday use even more pleasurable? Take into consideration some tips to improve the appearance of restricted space and to use small bathroom shower designs.

For starters, stick to a minimalist look. Remove clutter or items that serve no purpose other than create an eye sore, and replace of old knobs, handles, and faucets. Remove dark shower curtains and have glass sliding doors installed. Choose light colors, too.

Small bathrooms gain an illusion of bigger space and feel fresher and more relaxing with the use of light, pastel hues. Pastel colors also need to be coordinated with the flooring, walls, cabinetry and main bathroom fixtures.

For the shower area, consider investing on a small shower enclosure that’s not only space efficient but can add to a thoroughly modern look as well. Use other small bathroom shower designs that utilize wall, corner and overhead spaces.

There’s a splendid selection of wall-mounted showers and faucets in the market nowadays. A corner shower booth or tub & shower combo and hanging sink are great ideas. Overhead spaces, meantime, can accommodate cabinets, hamper hooks and racks.

Try to keep the floor space free with the exception of your tub, shower stall and toilet. A space-efficient vanity with mirror and modern lighting fixtures will also do wonders in creating the illusion of space for a small bathroom. Suitable lighting fixtures may be placed over or underneath the tub.

A good idea may be recessed lights fixed into the ceiling or installed above the shower, ideal for bathrooms with low ceilings. Windows or other overhead openings over bathtubs may allow light and a breath of fresh air in.

As far as other bath focal points like the bathtub, a customized tub & shower with built-in soap dishes and shelves can be a huge help for small bathrooms. Another great option that can make a small bathroom come alive is an acrylic clawfoot tub and faucet with showerhead. Having some plants near the tub may be nice, too.

With clever small bathroom shower designs for your shower & bath, you can transform the room into a completely functional and enticingly relaxing haven.


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