Small garden transformed

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Ever wondered how top garden designers and landscape contractors manage to transform a small dowdy garden into something wonderful? This time-lapse …


30 thoughts on “Small garden transformed

  1. How do I get into this sort of work?
    Would a horticulture level 5 course serve me or should I be looking more towards construction? A part of the Horticulture is Hard Landscaping skills and maintenance but I think it mainly focuses on plants.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  2. Oh my GOD how unbelievably UGLY! It's no longer a GARDEN, its just construction construction constuction that all needs digging up and skipping and getting some propoer soil back in and starting again! Terrible Design, terrible shapes, terrible forms, terrible spatial integration, thouthgtless planting, kitsch and small thinking, terrible materials, rotten sense of autheniticity! What about some nice plastic Gnomes to improve it?

  3. Way better aesthetically, and it's now a low-maintenance and usable space. I like the floating, wooden benches but I don't think you need them. I can see the rectangular patio with a dining set on it and the circular one with a couple of nice chairs for relaxing. When the plants mature it will be a real haven.

  4. concrete everywhere yuk ! gardens are about plants,trees,grasses and wildlife it looks like that bit when you go through a fastfood drive through and you are waiting in line to get food.

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