Speed level ArchViz Design : Scandinavian apartment Unreal Engine 4

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46 thoughts on “Speed level ArchViz Design : Scandinavian apartment Unreal Engine 4

  1. Hi Hoang, Im new to unreal modeling. I see you have used Spotlight to get scene litup instead of a Sun light. I have a scene and i am struggling to make it look realistic with the lighting. I would really appreciate your help with that. I can use your TIPS If you can suggest some. Please.!!

  2. Tell me guys, why some CGI/archViz artists use game engines even for stills?
    Because if you need a superior graphics quality and realism (way better
    than any game engine offers), there is offline renderers inside 3d
    packages, like Maya, blender, max, c4d.. Is it just because easy of
    realtime rendering?

  3. I'm sorry to be the bad guy here, but that's no design. It's just a box and so small at times that the camera can barely grasp an usefull view – and that is with a far greater FOV that the human eye. Get out of the BOX and start creating. Real human freindly spaces – providing one knows waht a human really finds comfortable and not it is trained to see as comfortable .Nice imagery should always come second. Please do not take offense as I only add comments where I see potential. All best !

  4. Cho mình hỏi là cấu hình máy như thế nào để có thể dùng được phần mềm này vậy bạn? Và nếu có học thì khoảng bao lâu để có thể làm được như vậy?

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