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The newest craze in home décor and design is all based around the Steampunk theme. What is steampunk and how does it influence the design of furniture and home accessories?

What is steampunk?

The first use of the term steampunk originated back in 1987 but you will find references of the main ideas as far back as the 1950’s.

Steampunk was originally used to define a writing genre but today it a complete lifestyle and design subculture. The term refers to the design and creation of items with the combination of Victorian splendour and the functionality and robustness of the steam and industrial eras. You will also find referrals to a post apocalyptic age where the technology of today did not survive but instead the steam era and industrial revolution take the lead in the field. Aside from Victorian design the American Wild West era also dominates some of the design aspects.

The essence of steampunk is based on functional designs combined with Victorian era art, grace and elegance. You will be able to find steampunk inspired home décor, furniture and even jewellery.

Steampunk and decor design

Steampunk is the new favourite design style used by artists and designers alike, the theme gives the designer a whole new set of artistic possibilities to create items from a world never before seen but highly imagined. It is a wonderful combination of the possible future with a essence of the past emphasised throughout every piece.

Steampunk relates in a way to the arts and crafts movement where the difference between a tool and decoration where only detectable by the artists themselves. The designs are often referred to as pseudo Victorian mechanical or neo-Victorian. Steampunk designs ranges from the simplistic to complex with a hint of contemporary added in the mix.

The most impressive aspect of steampunk home décor though is the combination of the different kinds of materials that creates the overall effect. The combination creates items with a warm yet metallic overtone.

Materials used in steampunk design includes, brass, copper, wood, leather, pewter, nuts, bolts screws, clock faces, clock hands, cogs, gears, and in some cases even old antique aviation goggles.

How to incorporate steampunk into your home décor

The great thing about steampunk themed decor is the antique element and any existing Victorian type furniture and accessories will be a great accompaniment to these themed pieces. The muted colour scheme will allow you to create a monochromatic design that is easy to mix and match with more modern pieces that falls into the same range of colours.

Themed pieces to consider

Steampunk themed pieces that will fit in well with an old style theme are; wall clocks, boxes, statues, Nautical and scientific instruments, themed wall art and even some shelves. Complete your home décor with some scatter cushions in the same muted tones and you will have your own personalized masterpiece.

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