Studio Apartment Design Tips || Organization, layout, decorating and more!

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Learn how to organize, decorate, and lay out a studio apartment, plus useful moving and design tips for all homes! My shoe cabinet “dresser”: …


8 thoughts on “Studio Apartment Design Tips || Organization, layout, decorating and more!

  1. I love all these tips. My apartment is still a bit chaotic four months after moving into it, and I think it's because I need to find more organization solutions for the stuff that doesn't go anywhere yet. I also could do a lot of decluttering. I did a massive amount before I moved, but I do wonder how my life and space would feel if I got rid of all the notes I've taken in every class I've ever had (and other associated baggage from all my years of schooling). I think I could purge a lot of stuff in that department if I could find the time to go through it, but right now my time is very cluttered too (because of a lack of organization and routine).

  2. This is awesome, I love the accent colors you picked out! Have you ever done a room/apartment tour? I'd be really interested to see how the things you are talking about look like!

  3. I would of loved if you included a small shot of your apartment to understand how you use your space. Or a shot of the closet, I only sort of understood what you meant. Otherwise you have such great tips! You are seriously the epitome of "adulting"

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