Studio apartment tour! (400 sq ft)

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Finally the apartment tour let me know what you think Updated video diy vanity: …


35 thoughts on “Studio apartment tour! (400 sq ft)

  1. I like the wardrobe and vanity. Most studios I've seen only allow one tennant. That's cool you and your boyfriend can live there. I love your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

    I, personally, love texture and color. I would add some bright colorful curtains and furry rugs.

  2. I'm not sure if you have ever seen Engineer your space or Robeson Design but they have some excellent studio apartment ideas. We have a small apartment not a studio so I look at as many ideas on here as possible.
    I think you've done a very nice job so far. An idea to hide your vacuum is a sturdy 3 sided box decorated and you can use as a plant stand or lamp stand. our landlord doesn't like anyone to use screws in the wall and barely tolerates nails so we use a lot of 3M products. Please look up Engineer Your Space videos she had excellent ideas for her studio apartment that might give you ideas to do for yours. Looking forward to seeing more Posts! Thank you for sharing.

  3. love ur apartment. i think a mirror on the back wall of the kitchen will look really good and reflect light making it look bigger. just a suggestion. am so going to copy ur bathrm storage cubes.

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