The Benefits of Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

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Splashbacks are large panels that are usually used in the kitchen to protect from liquid or food splashes on wall surfaces behind sinks, cookers and work surfaces. A splashback is usually made from glass or stainless steel, they tend to be used on surfaces that would have traditionally been tiled. Splashbacks are often both functional and ornamental, they are available in a range of finishes, colours and designs. Although in the UK they are called splashbacks, in North America they are usually referred to as a backsplash.

It is possible to transform the look of your kitchen with beautiful contemporary glass splashbacks or stainless steel splashbacks. Cooker splashbacks are a modern stylish alternative to tiles and grout. Splashbacks will usually be a standard ‘off the shelf’ size or can be custom made to fit your exact requirements. You may wish to have a splashback custom made for you if you need to cover an area that is an unusual size or if you require holes cut into the splashback for electrical sockets or similar.

If you are planning a new kitchen or looking to upgrade your current kitchen, it’s worth considering splashbacks due to their beauty and practicality. Splash backs are a very sensible choice as they are tough, hygienic, durable, heat-resistant & easy to clean.

The wall behind a sink or cooker hob is particularly prone to spitting and splashing, this area is particularly worth considering for a splashback, although many people choose to have a uniform ‘fully fitted’ look throughout their kitchen.

Water can potentially damage the structure of your house, splashing water is inevitable in kitchens and bathrooms, the grout in tiles can wear out and allow water to penetrate into the wall. Water can cause serious damage, especially to the wooden structure of your house. Ultimately, leaking water can cause rot which can be very expensive to put right. Leaking water can also encourage the growth of mould and spores which have been shown to have a detrimental effect on the health of household occupants.

Splashbacks are very resistant to staining, with traditional tiles the surface can be wiped clean, but often the grout between tiles will stain and wear over time. Colourful foods can discolour the grout to an extent that it’s not possible to bring back that ‘as new’ look without messy re-grouting of tiles. A splashback has a large ‘wipe clean’ surface that can be restored to a pristine finish with very limited effort required.

The use of splashbacks is not limited to the kitchen, they have many other potential applications in both household and commercial situations. Bathrooms and toilets are other popular places in the house to install splashbacks, their water resistant and easy-to-clean properties are very useful in these high humidity environments. The commercial sector uses splashbacks in numerous places, some of the most common uses are in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels. The hard wearing and easy-clean properties make splashbacks an obvious choice for a wide range of business uses.

In summary, if you are looking to get a new kitchen fitted or want to upgrade the your existing kitchen, its well worth considering splashbacks. They offer a very fashionable contemporary look available in a wide variety of finishes and colours. Combined with excellent practicality from their hard wearing and easy-clean finish, splashbacks offer an unbeatable choice for your kitchen.

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