The Food of Love – Three Top Traditional Sicilian Dishes

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A famous saying goes ‘the way to a lovers heart is through their stomach’. The original source of this saying has been lost throughout the ages, but it’s highly possible it was first coined by a Sicilian!

Whether cooking for Michelin-starred restaurants, street cafes, or at home, Sicilians take great pride and interest in their culinary achievements. Sicilian cooks can weave magic from the most common to the most indulgent ingredients (from tomatoes to truffles!), creating dishes oozing with character, flavour and, yes, romance. Here are three foods made famous by the region, all with a definite touch of romance. If you’re renting one of the local holiday villas, Sicily is the ideal location to up the ante in the romance department.


The spaghetti scene in Disney’s The Lady and the Tramp is perhaps one of the most iconic examples of how pasta can lead to romance. (If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out!) Fresh pasta is light, flavourful, and best of all, perfect for sharing. Choosing the ‘best’ pasta would be impossible considering the numerous types of this traditional Italian staple, but everyone has a favourite. When staying on the island and renting one of the spectacular holiday villas, Sicily is the perfect place to not only sample the local signature pastas – spaghetti marina and pasta alla sarde – but also learn to cook them yourself, with lessons widely available.


Who doesn’t love ice cream? While there is a wealth of Italian desserts to choose from – from tiramisu to cannoli – nothing is guaranteed to bring a smile to a loved one’s face more than ice cream – or gelato to be precise. Whether you eat it out on the go, or buy some to take back to your villas, Sicily is rightly famous for its gelato. In fact, Sicilians love it so much that they often consider it a meal in itself! Make like a local and partake of a pastry with your gelato – the famous brioscia features a sweet bun loaded with creamy gelato, the very definition of indulgence.

Omelette – Sicilian Style

Is there anything more romantic than breakfast in bed? Perhaps breakfast in bed in one of the stunning Italian villas! Sicily is a farming region, so fresh produce abounds – including readily available fresh laid eggs. The Sicilian version of a breakfast omelette, frocia ai carciofi, is super easy to prepare using fresh eggs, cheese, milk, breadcrumbs, and your choice of vegetables. Add fresh brewed coffee, newly baked bread, and squeezed juice, and you’ve created a breakfast a Sicilian would be proud of.

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