The Sims Freeplay – Apartment Life (5-story building) (Original design)

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The Sims Freeplay – Apartment Life (5-story building) (Original design) Welcome to SimDream Apartments. As more and more Sims moved into urban areas, the …


39 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay – Apartment Life (5-story building) (Original design)

  1. How were you able to add so much furniture? That much furniture is bound to have exceeded the furniture capacity. If there's a way to overcome that without replacing things, may you tell me?

  2. It's really nice! I had a apartament too…but then I noticed that only one family can live there so I deleted it. Is there a glitch that can make 2 or more families to live in one house?

  3. Hi SimDream Nice Apartment Building & Nice Sims.just asking what lvl you were when you film this video of Sims Freeplay game & what lvl you're at now if you still play the game. Anyways I look forward to your response A.S.A.P. TAFS!

  4. Woah ! Great view ! Hey , can you make the Mansion McAllister from Home Alone ! I know that house is hard to build but you don't have to try your best , just 40% part of the house that look like in the movie !

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