The Tiny Transforming Apartment

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Living in New York City isn’t all adventure and dynamism. Unless you are wealthy the way no real person is, you probably have to settle for a living space that is …


34 thoughts on “The Tiny Transforming Apartment

  1. Ok but im 5โ€™1 and a lot of this stuff looks high up and too tall for me to reach and i dont want to do everything on a step stool. Idea is good, practicality for everyone is not. Im sure it works well for you

  2. I bet you canโ€™t even fit a gallon of milk in that fridge. Also I donโ€™t want to have to assemble my stove every morning make an egg. If I did want, anyway, Iโ€™m a machine designed to accomplish a task

  3. Permanently fixing things like speakers might not be the best idea… If you want to upgrade your sound system… Well you can't. But the rest of the place looks awesome!

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