Tiny Spaces: A Minimalist + Family-Functional Brooklyn Apartment

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Yes, you CAN live small with little kiddos. Case in point: Jacqueline’s minimalist and uber functional Brooklyn apartment. Tour her family’s home to see how …


27 thoughts on “Tiny Spaces: A Minimalist + Family-Functional Brooklyn Apartment

  1. I had a little look on line and Jacqueline is an interior designer or furniture designer so it makes perfect sense that her own home reflects her talent and passion.

    I really admire her style and choices and would love my home to look like this some day.

    It is a privilege to be able to choose and pay for expensive but beautiful and functions furniture however it is saving money in the long-term.

  2. 675 ft2 (60,7m2) in many civilized places is considered to be a large space. I lived with both of my parents and 3 sisters on a space of 57 m2 (untill adulthood), and believe me, we were not minimalist. In many countries a flat above 40 m2 for 2 adults and 2 small children is not a small space, it is a normal space for living.

  3. @1:30 lmfao, so in other words it doesn't work and when guests aren't around it's a huge mess?

    @1:45 at night plants respirate just like humans, if you're living with lots of plants you're not really going to get lots of oxygen from them, and be sure to keep the windows open at night for fresh air.

  4. I live in about 70m2 house with my husband and 1 son. Before watching alot of minimalist style houses I tended to think about moving to a bigger house. Now I change my mind. The most important think for me now is how to make inside my house to be well organized, artsy and functional.

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