Ways To Save Money In College – The Only Thing You Need To Know

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So many ways to save money in college. I would not even call one of these ways insignificant. Cos a dollar saved is a dollar more in hand, and maybe even a dollar less in debt. This is so important today, where the average college student needs to work to get more money and salaries with a debt of around $ 30,000 to pay off.

This article is not going to discuss a 100 ways to save money in college or the top 10 saving tips. It is going to discuss the only philosophy there is to saving. Follow this philosophy right and not only are you on top of the best ways to save money in college, but you will even know how to save money later on in your life.

The Philosophy? Need Or Want? Everybody spends on things that they do not need unnecessarily, but things that tickle their fancy, things that are essentially unnecessary luxuries. One item after another, One service after another, everything adds up to A LOT of money. May it be some very good-looking furnishings for your semester's apartment, a flashier car than you need, an extra snack or a drink that could have been replaced by some water. No not paid for bottled water, but home filtered, water fountain water.

That one example in itself of bottled water captures the essence of how many unnecessary things we spend on. You do not need 10 best ways to save money in college. You do not. You need to understand the simple fact that everyone spends on things they can do without, and you can stop spending on them.

Now I do not mean dry your washed clothes on the quad lawn to save on dryer money, or eat out of the trash can to save on lunch money. Not even cycle 15 miles to save on bus money. These are all ways to save money in college for the nutty extremist. You do not have to do all that. Instead, PRIORITIZE!

If you want it but there's no real NEED for it, do not pull out your wallet for it. Follow this simple advice and you'll find a thousand ways to save money in college. All stemming from this one basic philosophy. A simple mind shift and you'll find that you have a lot more money at the end of the month and have spent a lot less. TRY it.

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