Your Guide to a Haunted Holiday in Britain

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Do you fancy a change from the conventional week by the sea for your holiday this year, are you bored of spending your holiday in the same country cottage? How about a haunted holiday? Britain boasts a very rich and intricate history and the tradition of the ghost story keeps that history alive, we've all heard the stories of the tower of London which is reportedly still home to a whole host of its unfortunate victims, our most popular literature is also full of the supernatural, from Shakespeare through to Harry Potter, as a nation we do seem rather obsessed with supernatural spirits – so why not spend a short break in one of the UK's most haunted hotels, or even just a day trip?

Chillingham Castle in the north east of England is argued to be one of the most haunted castles in the UK and has featured on several television and radio programs over the years. The castle offers self catering apartments for holidays and its picturesque setting makes it the perfect venue for weddings, romantic weekends away or simply a day trip to see the stunning grounds and castle. With its long and detailed history it's not surprising it's rumored to be home to several ghosts, including the blue boy, who was trapped behind a brick wall after stumbling across some important documents, when his body was uncoated in the 1920's, his fingers were worn away where he'd tried to scratch his way out. Although the pink room, where his body was found, is closed to the public, screams were still heard coming from behind the wall which witnessed his death. Chillingham Castle is also resident to Lady Mary Berkeley who is rumored to still be wondering the halls in broken hearted after her husband ran away with her sister.

The stunning Glamis Castle was the childhood home of the Queen Mother and set in the most tranquil of Scottish country side, it was also the setting for Shakespeare's Macbeth and to this day still conjures images of witches and the supernatural. With tickets available for day trips to view the castle and gardens this beautiful castle is the perfect family day out or an exquisite setting for a wedding. Like most castles, particularly of this age (dating back to the 14th century), it is plagued with supernatural stories ranging from secret rooms to conceal deformed children, to soul sucking devil card players to entertain drunk noblemen to traditional old fashion hauntings, all of which promise an interesting story to fascinate even the most firm of skeptics.

It's not just magnificent castles which host the most spectacular ghost stories; the Station Hotel in Dudley may appear to be simply a conventional hotel, with its inviting atmosphere and convenient location in the heart of the country. It's not until you explore its theatrical history and see the impressive list of former guests ranging from Laurel and Hardy to Bob Hope that it starts to become so intriguing. Although many of the ghost stories surrounding this intriguing haunted hotel seem to have found their fame on a popular paranormal television show, the most commonly reported ghost is that of a young woman who was murdered after threatening to inform her killer's wife of his infidelity. She never got the chance as it's reported that after he killed her, he disposed of her body sending it through a chute that ended in the cellar (which along with room 214) is reported to be one of the most haunted places in the building.

So if you're looking for an interesting day trip or a last minute short break away somewhere and you do not want to have to rely on Britain's unpredictable weather, why not visit one of these stunning places?

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